*The Walnut Ridge Fire Department awards for 2013 are as follows… Most Runs  for 2013 went to Carl White and Harold White with 70 runs each. Most Drills made went to Harold White with a total of 32 drills attended. 2013 Firefighter of the year went to Chris Griffin and he was also promoted to Lieutenant on Saturday Night.


*The 2010 Fire Fighter of the Year for the Walnut Ridge Fire Department is Assistant Chief Harold White.

*Three Walnut Ridge Firemen recieved the “Firefighter of the Year Award” presented by the Arkansas State Firefighters Association in 2009.

*On Saturday, July 25th 2009 at the annual Arkansas State Firefighters / Fire Chiefs convention in Hot Springs, three Walnut Ridge Firemen were awarded the “Firefighter Of The Year Award” by the Arkansas State Firefighters Association.  Chief Alan Haskins, Captain Wes Lillard and Firefighter / Paramedic Jeremy Davis received the award for a rescue they performed in June of 2008. They were selected by a selection committee made up of members of the association and nominated for the award by the Three Rivers Firefighters association members.

About the incident:

The Walnut Ridge Fire Department received page late on a Monday night advising that the Walnut Ridge Police Department needed help in locating an accident in a rural part of the city. Captain Lillard and Firefighter / Paramedic Jeremy Davis responded in Rescue 1 and Chief Haskins responded in his command unit. Rescue 1 met up with the officer on Country Club Road, he advised he had not yet found the vehicle but could hear a very large gas leak.  Rescue 1 proceeded down the road and found the accident. The vehicle had left the roadway and traveled through a field and crash through a 8’ chain link fence and into a cross-country pipeline pumping station. The vehicle had broken a large diameter gas pipeline causing a roaring gas leak. By this time Chief Haskins arrived on scene and assisted Captain Lillard and Firefighter Davis. These three firefighters did exactly what they were trained to do laying everything on the line to make a rapid extrication with natural gas flowing from the ground so loud it could make you deaf. In the end the incident worked out fine with no loss of life, civilian or firefighter. These firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty to save an accident victim from a horrible fate.

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